✧ D&D 5e Player Character Builds

Need to create a PC for an upcoming game? We've got some ideas for you! Use these characters as is or as a starting point for your own concept.
Last update: October 16, 2019.

Aerya, the Avenging Angel
CG female avariel Paladin 6/ Sorcerer 10/Rogue 4
A Dexterity-based Vengeance Paladin build with Divine Soul Sorcerer spell slots to power its smites, and some late-game Assassin Rogue levels to help out its murder-centric abilities.

Alfonzo Quill, Knight Gallant
NG male human Fighter 3/
Bard 17
Inspired by the 2e Bard kit, the Gallant. He wanders the land on the wings of romance and true love, stealing the hearts of the young and lightening the spirits of the elderly.

Angus McKane, The Wrestlemaniac
CN male minotaur Bard 17/ 
Fighter 3
Grappler build with both hands free, which means it can grapple two foes at once.

Bors Rallyhorn, Knight of the Purple Dragon
LG male half-elf Paladin 4/ Fighter 16
A fluffy build for a Cormyrean campaign, designed for both adventuring and court intrigue.

Brahm "Doomdelver" the Tribeless, Recon Commando
NG male goliath Ranger 20
This is a simple, straightforward Strength-based Ranger build that uses the traditional two-weapon fighting style.

Caliban, Mutant Naval Operator
NG male Simic hybrid 
Fighter 12/Rogue 8
A character built for both standard combat encounters and close-quarters grappling. Its stealth capability and amphibious racial trait lends a Navy SEAL-like feel to it.

Elenastoli "Stardust", Emissary of Unicorn Gods
NG female eladrin elf Druid 17/ Warlock 3
This build centers around the good-aligned fey witch concept, utilizing the Druid and the Warlock classes' connection with the faerie. It is a spellcasting-focused build that can fill various support roles—healer, buffer, controller and party face.

Graceful Wildfire, Knight of the Ruby Rose 
NG female tabaxi Paladin 6/ Bard 14
This build attempts to give the Redeemer Paladin a bit more flexibility with its pacifist tenets by adapting it for a follower of a deity of beauty and romance, turning it into something akin to a romantic knight. Combined with the Glamour Bard's Charisma-enhancing abilities, the character could end encounters even before they start.

Greta "Grim Little" Hillbarrow, Hin Monk of the Long Death
LN female ghostwise halfling 
Cleric 1/Monk 19
A halfling Long Death Monk build, bolstered by a level of Grave Cleric to improve its survivability at low levels. The combination of Long Death subclass features, healing spells and the lucky racial trait make this character extremely difficult to kill in combat.

Hravani the Beast, Fist of the Forest
NG male firbolg Barbarian 3/ Monk 17
This character is an adaptation of the 3.5 prestige class Fist of the Forest—a Strength Monk build with a few levels of Barbarian thrown in.

Kabu'te, the Toadstool Witch
NE female goblin Druid 17/ Warlock 3
This is a Spore Druid build with a twist—a few added levels of Fiend Warlock with Zuggtmoy, the Demon Queen of Fungi, as its patron. This character was inspired by “Fungoid Cave-Shaman Snazzgar Stinkmullett” from Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.

Keiri, the Shadowblade
CN human female Warlock 2/ Sorcerer 18
The character is primarily a Shadow Magic Sorcerer that focuses on stealth and mobility but with a spell selection that is rather unsubtle when it comes to dealing large amounts of area damage. This character also takes advantage of the Hexbade Warlock's ability to use Charisma for its weapon attacks.

Kindling, Black Flame Zealot
NE female fire genasi Rogue 3/ Cleric 17
This build attempts to recreate the Black Flame Zealots, unholy assassins who killed in the name of Kossuth, the Lord of Fire.

Lamya, Monk of the Dark Moon
LE female human Monk 12/ Sorcerer 8
The Order of the Dark Moon is Shar's personal black ops team. They are rigorously trained from childhood in both sorcery and martial arts, and only the best survive to adulthood to become an instrument of darkness and loss.

Lorn Lathspel, Stratagem Mage
LN male tiefling Wizard 17/
Bard 3
This character is a party face, skill monkey and support caster build. (Many thanks to Treantmonk for his God Wizard” guide.)

Lucidity, Gith Hitokiri
LN female githzerai Ranger 16/ Monk 4
Primarily a hybrid tank/DPS build, this character combines the Way of the Kensei Monk and the Hunter Ranger to create a sticky but mobile defender capable of engaging multiple close targets (inspired by the manga/anime Rorouni Kenshin).

Maxima, She-Wolves Merc
LG female human Barbarian 16/ Fighter 4
The ubiquitous Dex-based Bear Totem Barbarian build, refluffed to create an approximation of a fantasy Amazon warrior.

Netan'el, Dweomerkeeper of Mystra
NG male aasimar Cleric 20
Primarily a support Cleric build, this character attempts to cover all aspects of spellcasting by adding Druid cantrips and high-level Wizard spells.

Nolram the Goose, Court Jester
CG male gnome Rogue 20
An Arcane Trickster build for campaigns big on courtly intrigue.

Paas "Nut-Shell" Yoosh, the Beachhead Bulwark
LG male tortle Fighter 12/ Paladin 8
This character is a typical defender build that combines the use of a reach weapon with the Polearm Master and Sentinel feats to create a sticky tank, except that it doesn't rely on forged armor for protection.

Pierze Black-Knee, Da Skarlet Orkzzy
CG male half-orc Barbarian 12/ Rogue 4/Fighter 4
This is a Strength-based Swashbuckler build that uses the Barbarian as a base, adapting its primal class features to an urban setting.

Ravenous, Champion of the Raven Queen
N male shadar-kai Paladin 3/ Warlock 17
This build is, in my opinion, the only valid instance (from a roleplaying standpoint) where the Hexblade Warlock could be combined with the Paladin class—an avenger in the Raven Queen's service.

Rila the Moonfox, Agent Provocatrice of Selûne
CG female shifter Ranger 3/ Sorcerer 17
This character is an attempt at a Sorcerer gish build that avoids the usual Paladin or Warlock multiclass combination. It instead uses the Ranger as its base warrior class, with cleric spells via the Divine Soul Sorcerer subclass to enhance its melee capabilities.

Shae'lyn Veladorn, Sword Dancer of Eilistraee
CG female drow elf Monk 3/ Sorcerer 17
This build attempts to approximate the previous editions' take on the Eilistraeean Sword Dancer, a female drow divine spellcaster who wields a heavy sword and often wears no armor.

Storm Agrivar, Moonstar Agent
CG male half-drow Ranger 3/ Bard 17
The Bard/Ranger is a fairly popular multiclass combination in the the Forgotten Realms setting. This build attempts to optimize the combo by maintaining the Bard’s full spellcasting progression (albeit a bit delayed) and both classes’ penchant for swashbuckling combat despite its MAD-ness.

Svent, Poison Dusk Sniper
N male lizardfolk Rogue 4/ Ranger 16
This build attempts to mimic the poison dusk lizardfolk subrace from D&D 3.5 by giving a 5e lizardfolk Ranger PC a few starting Assassin Rogue levels.

Tammoh, Iron Shadow
LE female hobgoblin Rogue 10/ Monk 10
This is the PC version of the hobgoblin Iron Shadow, an assassin/inquisitor for the legion. It uses a balanced mix of Arcane Trickster Rogue and Way of the Shadow Monk.

Thorkil, the Battleraging Hugger
CN male shield dwarf
Barbarian 8/Rogue 1/Fighter 11

This character isn't the most optimized Battlerager build nor is it the most optimized grappler build, but THE most optimized Battlerager build that specializes in grappling.

Tian'mi "Sweet Victory", the Hostess of Envenomed Words
LE pureblood yuan'ti Bard 17/ Warlock 3
A sinister build for those who want to play a character with her own evil agenda but still recognizes the importance of playing nice with others.

Vade, Eldritch Infiltrator
N male changeling Warlock 17/ Bard 3
This is primarily a party face/ striker/lurker Warlock build with a few levels of Bard. While its spell selection is ineffective to give it the support role, it's at least capable of handing out bardic inspiration a few times per day.

Xoe, Peace Enforcer
LG warforged Cleric 20
This build is for players who wish to use a warforged Cleric character with the adventure Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus.  


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