✦ Anya, tiefling Rogue/Wizard/Arcane Trickster/Unseen Seer

        Slyranbyanyl, or "Anya," is Seth’s younger adoptive sister, another foundling from Sigil who was raised and tutored in the Art by Mintassan the Magnificent himself. Although she had lived most of her life in Westgate, Anya still speaks like a native of the City of Doors, with an accent unheard-of to most Faerûnians (called "the cant" by planeswalkers). Her thieving skills and magical talents make her an indispensable cohort to Seth and an invaluable member of the Alliance.
        Before she came to Waterdeep, Anya was an up-and-coming mageling in the Dragon Coast who occasionally went on adventures in and around the Sea of Fallen Stars. Seth urged her to join him in the City of Splendors in order to keep an eye on her, and to use her aptitude for subterfuge magic to augment his stealth skills. Now that Anya has come into her own, commanding high-level spells for espionage and mobility, Seth sees her as someone he could have been if he had listened to their adoptive father’s advice and studied wizardry.

Behavior and Tactics  Anya is a brilliant tactician, but headstrong and prone to making impulsive decisions.
        As a diviner, she has few offensive spells in her repertoire and prefers information-gathering, control, protection and mobility spells for her daily preparations. She stays out of direct combat whenever possible using her stealth skills and invisibility spells.

Fiendish Ancestry VrockMM tanar’ri. Anya has large crimson eyes, high cheekbones, and a sharp, slightly hooked nose. Her skin is bluish but pale, and her hair black with a blue-green sheen. Her boots conceal a pair of taloned, three-toed avian feet.

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