✦ Anee of Mystra, aasimar Archivist/Harper Priest/Loremaster

     Maneegah, or "Anee", grew up in the ancient realm of Unther during the tyrannical reign of Gilgeam, god of war. Both of her parents were members of the clergy of Mystra, and her plane-touched birth was considered to be a boon from the Goddess of Magic herself.

     When the draconic deity Tiamat fought and slew the despotic God-King during the Time of Troubles, Anee’s family had to escape the devastation through mundane means. They traveled for weeks to Elventree, a small town at the edge of the Cormanthor forest, across the Sea of Fallen Stars. In this tiny elven village stood the strongest place of power to Mystra in all of Faerûn, the House of Mysteries. Here Anee was able to continue her divine studies and serve as the one of the temple’s scholars—collecting, sorting and copying mountains of text to be indexed and made available to other scholars of the Art.

     Anee was not content to live her life as a mere librarian, however. She would at times accompany adventuring groups allied with the church, dispensing academic counsel on techniques to combat monsters and to provide healing magic. Anee proved to be such a valuable field agent that she came highly recommended when she applied for membership with the Harpers of Elventree.

     Anee traveled the width and breadth of Faerûn at the behest of the senior Harpers and the Mystran high priests, kicking dungeon doors and taking creature names. Her primary areas of interest, however, were magical anomalies such as wild magic and dead magic areas. She studied them intently, noting their locations so that the more powerful servants of Mystra would be able to repair these pockets of malfunctioning Weave magic later on.

     When the phaerimm attacked Evereska in 1371 DR, Anee was then staying at Mystra’s House of Wonder in Waterdeep. She answered Lady Laeral Silverhand’s call to aid the besieged elven city, and it was there that she experienced first-hand the power of the Shadow Weave as the newly-arrived Shadovar aided the elves and humans by trapping the phaerimm in a shadowshell. And when the Shadovar later revealed their true evil nature, Anee vowed to her goddess to fight this dark corruption of the Weave.

     1375 DR. As the Shadovar had enveloped the desert of Anauroch in the largest dead magic zone the multiverse has ever seen, Anee could not pass up the chance to fulfill her vow despite the enormity of the threat. It would be an impossible undertaking, she knew, but safeguarding the Weave was one of her foremost duties. But first, she would need to find some allies…

Behavior and Tactics As a scholar, Anee is always ponderous in thought but never absent-minded. Her curiosity about all things magical rival the most studious wizards'; however, this inquisitiveness is tempered by pragmatism and an undying devotion to Mystran doctrine.

     When selecting spells for preparation, Anee favors abjurations that protect the party as a whole and high-level dispel effects, and those that boost, heal, and retrieve information. If she has to prepare offensive spells, she would rather incapacitate her targets than deal direct damage.

Appearance Anee is tall, slim and regal; with curly hair and dark olive skin typical of Untherians. One of her ancestors was the avatar of Nanna-Sin, Untheric god of the moon, and this celestial bloodline physically manifested as silver hair and bright blue eyes. Even in the chilly climate of the North, she still dresses in the traditional robes of her home region since natural cold does not affect aasimars.

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