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The Grand Plan

February 25, 2019

Still the 5th day of Uktar 1375 The second vampire tried to escape, floating through the mass of black tentacles with ease in its gaseous form. Anee tried to slow it down with a holy word spell, but it proved to be too powerful even in its weakened state. Anya cast a tactical teleportation spell and in an instant she, Anee, Kiira and Steve the shadow flanked the vampire. Bolstered by Kendor's inspire greatness hymn and by her own divine power spell, Kiira defeated the undead shadowdancer before it could even transform back to its true form.

Rokh and Keli ported back into the small cavern to reunite with their friends, themselves fresh from their victory over the lich that led the undead raiding party. Reunited, the Alliance watched the two vampire mists struggle and finally dissipate into nothingness after a couple of hours of futilely attempting to find an exit.

Low on spells, the party decided to stay for another day in the Runestone Level to rethink their plans. …