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Hell Hath No Fury

September 30, 2018
Still the 5th day of Uktar 1375 Through Anya's Rary's telepathic bond spell, Seth and Kiira were made aware that Rokh and Keli had engaged the lich in the main cavern. As soon as they battle outside had started, however, the two vampire monk/shadowdancer henchmen made their move as well.

One of the vampires' shadow companions took a swipe at Kiira. The touch attack was successful but the Strength drain was foiled by her armor's death ward effect. Seeing an opening, the vampires appeared out of thin air, flanking Kiira. Their touch drained 4 levels from the dwarf, then they sprang away in opposite directions.

But the cohorts were prepared for the vampires' surprise attack. Kendor started his chanting and used inspire greatness on Kiira, then moved adjacent to one of the vampires (let's call it vampire #1). Anya then used a benign transposition spell to exchange Kendor's and Kiira's places, which enabled the latter to launch a full attack …